Friday, October 28, 2011

Glenn beck attacks vet

Sgt. Shamar Thomas, an Iraq war vet who spent 14 months in Iraq, was captured on video chastising the New York Police Department for using excessive force against demonstrators.  “This is not a warzone!” and “There is no honor in this!”  You can see the shame in the eyes of the police as this hero speaks to them. They know what their bosses are telling them to do is wrong.

His message to the police that they too are citizens and part of the 99%. They don't have to fight the protesters they should be joining them against the forces in power that want to harm the middle class.

here the slime ball beck's take on this mans message of peace

Glenn beck sure does talk a mean game but I didnt see him step up to fight the wars his buddies in the white house started ten years ago. This man has the temerity to mock a man that gave over a year of his life serving in a war that should not have happened in the first place.

The man was fed up with what was happening, there are many documented cases of brutality against the movement  Sure the police were not doing anything right then but what about the pepper spray incident or the woman that was forcibly dragged under a barrier across the pavement. how bout the man in Oakland that got shot int he face with a tear gas canister. While Glenn and his cronies chuckle away real people willing to stand up for what is good and right are being harmed. Chuckle away Glenn because nobody cares about your small minded stupidity anymore. Not even Fox news can stand you anymore and that's saying something.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ohio Issue 2

*Just to be clear No vote strikes down this law and yes upholds it as law

Being an Ohio citizen and a liberal I personally am going to vote to strike down issue 2. If your not familiar with the topic, issue two is the citizen referendum on Senate Bill 5 in the state of Ohio. SB5 limits the power of lobby groups to collectively bargain in public sector jobs. That means that the republican dominated state legislature and governor killed unions with a single pen stroke. The whole concept of unions relies on their ability to group together for strength against a much more powerful management.

So if you've been paying attention to the slimy tactics the opposition has been using in Ohio you'll realize how important it is to conservatives to muddy the waters in this debate. I've been subjected to commercials telling me how voting yes on issue two will "help" police and fire fighters. Explain to me how taking away their ability to combat massive pay cuts and staff cuts helps them? In short it doesn't. I'm a teacher, I'm a member of OEA the teachers union in Ohio, I gladly pay my dues from every paycheck knowing that if it were not for the efforts in the past by this and other organizations like it my salary would be a fraction of what it is today.

Here is an example of how low these people are willing to stoop to confuse the issue for voters take a look at the original commerical here.

Now look here at how the vote yes campaign twisted the words of this elderly woman to mean the opposite of what she actually said. If I was that woman I would be furious right now.

Unions aren't perfect but they are a damn sight better than the pre-union, pre-labor law things that businesses did during the industrial revolution as a matter of routine.

Republican thuggery reached a new low yesterday when Mike Huckabee (A major republican icon) was quoted in the Cincinnati Enquirer stating
"Make a list... Call them and ask them, 'Are you going to vote on Issue 2 and are you going to vote for it?' If they say no, well, you just make sure that they don't go vote. Let the air out of their tires on election day. Tell them the election has been moved to a different date. That's up to you how you creatively get the job done."  Source
These are the depths these villains are willing to sink to, he advocates "letting the air out of your tires" to stop you from voting. I say to you mike and your ilk get thee behind me.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Recent Crackdown on Dispensaries in California

Before you read this post realize that I engage in no substance abuse other than the occasional drink of alcohol. I am not advocating a side from personal reasons. My state (Ohio) doesn't even have medical laws for legal marijuana.

US: California pot crackdown targets large dispensaries

In the above video If you listen and replace the word Marijuana with the word alcohol, you start to understand the kind of  hypocrisy this nation is engaged in. I'm not a consumer of pot I never have been, however I feel that the prohibition on drugs in this country fuels the criminal element in the same way that alcohol prohibition fueled the rise of organized crime in the 1920.

If you think logically about "the war on drugs" what good has it done for our nation?

  • Do people who wish to consume these substances have trouble getting them? 
  • Are criminals getting rich and funding other illegal activities through the sale of artificially inflated prices brought on through a black market? 
  • Are there people doing hard time, more than rapists and murders in some cases for the act of owning a plant, some powder, or pills?
  • Are prisons overcrowded in an era of state budjet cuts, and filled with non violent drug criminals?
The answer you reach when you read this I hope is yes on all four counts. War on substances like this does more harm than good. Ask any teenager how hard it is to get a fifth of liquor then ask them how hard it is to buy a ounce of weed. 

Do I say that we should sell drugs to kids? No I say we should regulate them jsut like alchohol, the system is already in place. We don't need special "pot" dispensaries, make liquor licensed establishments able to apply for recreation drug permits. 

The lady in the video complains about how things are happening in California, I say they are happening that way because California was forced to go through the back door of medical use for something that should not be illegal in the first place.

The best arguments against it by this lady was that it was harming the environment, she went on and on about trash and cutting down trees and garbage and illegal immigrants. Oddly she didn't say a word about the other farrm industries in California, I'm sure many of those use pesticides, hire illegals, use contaminating fertilizers and such but the "evil" pot growers are singled out. 

reasons to abolish the war on drugs:
  • It creates crime
  • It costs millions of taxpayer dollars to enforce annually
  • It imprisons nonviolent offenders for long unreasonable amounts of time
  • It creates congestion in the prison system
  • making drugs illegal makes them easier for minors to obtain because the seller is an unlicensed lowlife rather than a business professional
  • It creates a large burden on the tax payers housing, feeding, and guarding all these drug offenders
  • It creates a black market that fuels international crime with mexico
Melinda Haag ended he speech with think of the children, I agree with her. Think of the children harmed by the current federal legislation. Think of the children in high schools across the country who know a dealer who has no responsibility not to sell to them and every incentive to make money from young hands. Think of the children whose communities have been ruined by the criminal element spawned by non-regulated black market drugs. Melinda think of the children.