Thursday, September 29, 2011

Occupy Wallstreet

If you haven't heard the hacker group anonymous and the Canadian site ad-blockers have teamed up to protest wallstreet. You very well might not have heard about this since the mainstream media have been blocking all coverage of this. Now reports from the Internets have ranged from 1,000 to 10,000 protesters at various times. That is a pretty big swath but considering even the lowest amount is 1k people. Its fairly difficult to mobilize even 1,000 people to do anything. The NYPD have been merciless against this group arresting individuals for exercising their right to protest and peaceably assemble. One rogue policeman tony baloney has pepper-sprayed non violent non confrontational protestors on two separate occasions. Helpless women who were being cordoned off in a baracade doing nothing more than shouting their protests were sprayed with pepper spray to the face. 

This is not acceptable use of force NYPD

If this was a gathering of tea party being maced the media would be all over this. The NYPD would be vilified and things would be getting done. Instead this is a group standing up to corruption in America so the people in charge are making sure the media ignores it. This is the injustice that is america today

Monday, September 26, 2011

Which Founder Are You?

Take the "which founder are you?" quiz at the national constitution center

Im James Madison apparently

Sunday, September 25, 2011 on the theory of relativity

So I was surfing around on conservapedia looking for some laughs (If you really want to roll on the floor check out their page on president obama) and on their homepage they had a link saying "Conservapedia is proven right again: The science world was left in shock..." ( so I thought why not and clicked. Clearly they are claiming that they knew about neutrinos (heres a link in case you have benn living under a rock) before CERN did. Then I read the first sentence and my mind was filled with billions and billions of *uck. Now I'm not a scientist, I have a undergrad in history and a masters in special education but even with my general course science learning I know the difference between the theory of relativity and the moral social viewpoint of relativism. So I screencaped it and was just going to make a small demotivator about conservatives being stupid. Then I read some of their examples. Now I don't claim to be a scientist but... well read for your self. (you will need to click on the image to read I tried to make it as small as possible)

About me

I'm a liberal thinking american who is tired of the Conservative bias in today's society. First off lets get something out of the way. Did I vote for Obama? Yes I did. Am I happy with the job he has done? No I'm not. I voted for a progressive candidate who's message was one of change in America. What I got was a wishy-washy moderate who cant stand up to the least bit of opposition.