Sunday, September 25, 2011 on the theory of relativity

So I was surfing around on conservapedia looking for some laughs (If you really want to roll on the floor check out their page on president obama) and on their homepage they had a link saying "Conservapedia is proven right again: The science world was left in shock..." ( so I thought why not and clicked. Clearly they are claiming that they knew about neutrinos (heres a link in case you have benn living under a rock) before CERN did. Then I read the first sentence and my mind was filled with billions and billions of *uck. Now I'm not a scientist, I have a undergrad in history and a masters in special education but even with my general course science learning I know the difference between the theory of relativity and the moral social viewpoint of relativism. So I screencaped it and was just going to make a small demotivator about conservatives being stupid. Then I read some of their examples. Now I don't claim to be a scientist but... well read for your self. (you will need to click on the image to read I tried to make it as small as possible)

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