Friday, November 25, 2011

The War on Thanksgiving

Why is there not an outcry about the creeping of "Black Friday" into Thursday by the easily outraged, especially the super patriotic types on FOX? Why are we letting greedy stores steal this unique national family valued event from their clerks, stockboys, cashiers, and managers?

I remember a few years ago the blowhards started crying about the "War on Christmas" because some folks suggested that wishing Merry Christmas to Jews, Muslims, and Atheists was rude and that people with good manners should simply wish the inclusive "Happy Holidays" so all could be included in the seasonal cheer. To them, politeness is "political correctness". Where is the patriotic outcry about the War on Thanksgiving, the holiday founded by people seeking religious freedom?

To me Thanksgiving is every bit as meaningful as the Fourth of July. When I sit down for dinner on the fourth Thursday in November I reflect on the fact that I am part of a ritual feast shared by so many for so long. And then, as I chew, I wonder, why don't we cook turkey more often? And the answer is. Because Thanksgiving and all the fixins are sacred. Let's keep it that way. Let's not go shopping til Friday morning and let's tell the shopkeepers to let their employees spend this special American day with their families and friends.

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  1. The war on christmas folks are moronic. I had a lady at the grocery store I used to work out flip out that this private grocery store company wished a happy holidays to other groups of people and she was she too dumb to notice or listen to me when I showed her the Christmas sign as well.